Who We Are

Here Is The Church

Holy Innocents is a parish in the northwest suburbs of the Diocese of Chicago, of the Episcopal Church, USA... and is a part of the greater Anglican Communion worldwide. We are a very diverse parish of many different kinds of people, yet we lift our hearts and voices together. We welcome all who worship with us.

Holy Innocents generally follows the "high-church" liturgical tradition. Most Sundays the service of Holy Eucharist is fully choral, using Rite II of the Book of Common Prayer.

Here Is The Steeple

We have a "modern" steeple that looks more like a cell tower than a bell tower, but at least it's distinctive. Appearances can be deceiving! Holy Innocents is actually bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Our sanctuary is a large,space that welcomes the worshipper, invites contemplation, and gently draws one's attention to the altar and to the Presence of Our Lord.

The Doors

Come through the bright red doors when the flags are flying, and you will be greeted and offered a name tag, on which you may write your name and wear during the service if you wish. You'll be handed a bulletin; please take some time to add a prayer request to the looseleaf book. You may sit anywhere you feel comfortable (the chairs along the back wall to the left are reserved for the choir.

And See All The People

Music has always been an important part of worship at Holy Innocents. Hymns are indicated in the bulletin with bold type, and additional service music is marked "S-(number)". Some sung responses and service music are found in the "S" section at the beginning of the blue hymnals. Many visitors are surprised to find that we possess a full-size pipe organ, which was built by a former organist. In 2001, the adult choir was re-formed; we sing and rehearse year-round, although in summer we dress "for the weather." We are always listening for new voices!

Holy Innocents' kids have their own Children's Chapel as a part of their Sunday school classes. As in most Episcopal parishes, they join the adults in the sanctuary for the Eucharist, where they may join their parents or sit together as a group. Older teens frequently serve as servers during Sunday Eucharist. Christian Education and Children's Chapel are usually on hiatus for the summer, but in winter Sunday School starts at 10:00 am. The nursery is nearly ready for occupancy!

St Columba of Iona is our sister parish - we are "yoked" together and share clergy, and we also enjoy fellowship with one another. Each parish worships in its own characteristic style, but some services are combined. Service times change with the seasons, so be sure to check the schedule before setting out for either location. The churches are only about 15 minutes apart, so if you are late for one service, there's always the other.

St Columba of Iona also has a traditional style of worship that is quiet and contemplative. The sanctuary is a peaceful refuge from the outer world, with stained glass windows and a feeling of community.

On the first Sundays of the month, the service will be geared toward families in a more kid-friendly and informal worship style. Church can be fun for young and the young at heart.

Not sure what to do if you attend services at Holy Innocentsor St Columba? If you have not worshipped in an Episcopal church before, see "What to expect when you visit an Episcopal church."

Will you find a welcome if you attend services with us some Sunday? Of course - especially if you are married, single, white, black, gay, Asian, Hispanic, young, old, have kids, don't have kids, are very traditional, or are not traditional at all!

When you see the red, white and blue signs at our driveways that say "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You," you'll know you've found your way to one of two very special spiritual communities. We look forward to worshipping with you.

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