August 17, 2005

Affirming Anglican Catholicsm

New addition to the Links page:

Our call is to a mature, living Christianity, where scripture, reason, the Sacraments and Catholic Tradition make sense of our life today. -- Affirming Anglican Catholicism

If you're interested in the Episcopal Church or have been raised in the Roman Catholic Church, you might have noticed that there's a strong resemblance between the two faiths, although they divurge in varying degrees on matters of authority, belief, and the sexuality of the laity and clergy . There are several different traditions within the Episcopal faith. Holy Innocents and St Columba follow an Anglo-Catholic style of worship, but from a progressive and inclusive outlook, much like Affirming Anglican Catholicism. The link will be added to the lists on the blog and links pages.

This group shares an acronym with another, much more socially conservative Anglican organization: see the statement explaining the difference here.

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March 23, 2005

The Art of Faith

Clip Art for Year C by Steve Erspamer

The clip art used on our bulletins is taken from these books. I ran across the artist's name when I was reading a popular blog called Real Live Preacher, where the art is used really effectively.

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