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Welcome to the web site of St. Nicholas with the Holy Innocents. I hope it gives you a good sense of “who we are” and what you find here encourages you to come and see who we are firsthand.

Those who do almost always say two things about us. The first is that we are exceptionally welcoming and friendly. We're small enough that you’ll be a name, not a number, and laidback enough that we won’t overwhelm you.

The second thing people usually say is that we’re different. I agree. We are different. For one thing, we’re inclusive – and we mean it. Kids, interfaith families, gay women and men, people in recovery, young, old, and more. We don’t do this to be trendy or politically correct. We include because Jesus includes.

We’re different, too, because we are increasingly focused on mission, transforming the lives of children and their families, the hungry, those who need healing, and folks who take the inner journey seriously. Finally, we’re different because on January 1, 2007, we became a blended family, combining the family of the former St. Nicholas Episcopal Church with the family that was once Holy Innocents Episcopal Church.

I hope you’ll visit soon and see whether this family is one that you’d like to call your own.

Steve Martz

Episcopal Church of St. Nicholas with the Holy Innocents
1072 Ridge Avenue, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
/ onebreadonebody

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